Little Victories

I could really do with a little victory at the moment, so the end of the tax returns tomorrow – and subsequent visit to the pub – should accomplish that. But last night I went to see my brother’s new band, who are called Little Victories, play at The Louisiana in Bristol and it was a really good gig. I thought it was likely to be great and so took my camera along to do a bit of filming, and ended up recording the whole thing. There was definitely a charged atmosphere in the room and the sense that everything just clicked with the new lineup – certainly it was the most polished “first gig” I’ve ever seen, and people downstairs were raving about the band afterwards.

Since former incarnation Farthing Wood’s only flaw was their rubbishness at marketing themselves, I think I’m going to try to lend a hand this time around, and bearing that in mind I’ve quickly edited a video together of one of their tracks (was quite cool to piss around with iMovie actually, I’ve been meaning to do that ever since I got my Macbook Pro) and stuck it on Youtube. Rendering an HD video takes a surprisingly crazy-long amount of time, but I think it’s turned out pretty well.

Anyway, remember where you saw this first and all that:

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