I’m halfway through the week of tax returns hell and I’m starting to feel a little tired, but I’m making steady progress and hope to reach the end intact. It’s always a bit of a stressy time, but there’s a very nice carrot at the end – the traditional trip to the pub. This year seems a little bit more down to the wire than last (which was a breeze), but in previous years we’ve sometimes still been doing tax returns on the 31st, thanks to clients not supplying the information in time.

The online revolution has made things a bit easier, though. Gone are the days of traipsing down the tax office with loads of physical copies of tax returns, and handing them in without even getting a receipt – now you get submission receipts after you send the returns electronically. Gone too are most of the fears of incorrect calculations, as the online software now gives you its own calc based on the figures you enter, which you can check against your notes.

So it’s a little bit less pressurised and a little more efficient. Vive la revolution.

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