The Final ‘One A Day’

The moment is here at last.

On 18 January 2010, I read on my Twitter feed about a ragtag band of brothers (and sisters, though HBO hasn’t got around to them yet) who, in a ludicrously optimistic show of bravado, planned to write a blog entry every single day for a year. The project was called One A Day. My good friend Chris Schilling had decided to give it a go, and I thought it would be a bit of a laugh to join in. So I started, gradually figuring out over the first few weeks how to write a blog, then dreaming of some people actually reading it, then deciding not to advertise my posts on Twitter anymore (except on special occasions) as too many of them were horribly self-indulgent.

Now, 377 posts later (see: more than One A Day!), I’m on post 378. The end. The final one. The victory lap.

When this blog started, I worked for an accountancy practice and dreamt of selling a novel. As I sit here tonight, I work for the same accountancy practice and dream of selling a novel. Progress? What progress?

Quite a bit, actually. I’m now an honorary member of the South African author mafia (despite never having been to South Africa, and besides, I went to school with Shrien Dewani so I probably wouldn’t even be allowed into the country), and I’ve had some very awesome people say that I’m all talented and stuff, which is nice. My friend Rick has told me not to be so self-deprecating, and so I’m trying very hard to find the right balance with that. After some near-misses with literary agents back in August/September-time, I went back to the drawing board and emerged with renewed focus and a new draft which, basking in the glow of the novelty of fresh material, I currently proclaim to be pretty bloody great. We’ll see how it fares in the cut-throat world of agents very soon. I also started a new novel that’s going to knock everyone’s socks off when it’s done (they’ll just have to go without).

With the smooth came the rough. My aunt was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I lost two grandparents. Westlife are still going. And I’m still not making a living for the only thing in this world that I’m actually pretty good at (aside from drinking red wine, of course). But as I sit here on 17 January 2011 and think about the afternoon in which I sat down to write my hilariously short and shit first blog entry a year ago, I reckon that I’m a better person for the One A Day experience. I know more about myself and what I’m capable of. I also know what I need to work on, and have taken steps to do so. The one big thing I haven’t really tackled yet is my stammer, and maybe that’s another focus for this year – though fuck knows what I’m going to do about it.

So what of this blog? It will definitely continue. I’m not necessarily going to update it every day – it’s more likely that there will be bite-sized entries interspersed with longer pieces – but the blogging habit has become so much part of my routine that I can’t see myself stopping. Also, this place will likely have a spring clean when I work out who I can wangle into making it look nice – it’s something that I didn’t look into at all in the past year to my shame, and The Mirrorball looks pretty bland compared to some of the gorgeous blogs that other people have.

But One A Day-wise, that’s me done and dusted. The project is carrying on in a different format this year, and I wish all the new participants luck. They’ll need it.

See you on the flipside, ladies and gents. And thank you so much for reading – whether it was just a single post or all 378 of the damn things. There will be more. But for now, good night.


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5 responses to “The Final ‘One A Day’

  1. Ashton Raze

    Well done. 😀

    (How do you have 378? Did you update more than once a day sometimes?)

  2. Mike

    Yeah. In the early days, there were a few nights where I did 3 or 4 little ones!

  3. Well done, Mike. A fantastic achievement. 🙂

  4. Jen

    Congratulations! An excellent accomplishment indeed 🙂

  5. Seriously frickin’ well done matey. It’s been bloody great reading this every day – I’m gonna miss it. Make sure you keep it up regularly – I guess I’ll be adding it to my RSS app now… 🙂

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