Great Success!

Brilliantly (stupidly), I was wrong in last night’s blog entry to blame my router. True, it screws up FTP stuff completely and is generally a bit of a ball-ache, but on this occasion Linksys was not responsible for my woes. Instead, as it turned out, there was a conflict between versions of the Plex program. I thought that I was on the latest version, but literally hours after I downloaded the supposedly latest stable build on Boxing Day, a new one apparently appeared – the one that worked with the iOS app. Ah. Never mind. Then I had this whole thing with the new version where it wasn’t populating the metadata of my media library properly (basically, reading what every file is and filling in the information on the screen when I select it).

However, late this afternoon everything clicked, and boy, is this thing good. I can connect my MacBook Pro up to my HDTV through the HDMI adapter cable thingee, and up to my surround sound through the Toslink adapter thingee. Then I load up Plex and use the equivalent app on my iPhone as a remote control for the MacBook app. It feels like the future, being able to populate my movie and TV downloads with pictures and plot summaries at the click of a button. Then I load them up and they effortlessly play at 1080p with DTS sound. The app also controls my iTunes library. And now that I know my Mac can read and write to NTFS drives with a simple download, I think I’ll change the majority of my external hard drive from FAT32 (which won’t accept files over 4GB) to NTFS (which will), as the 250GB on my Mac will likely run out pretty quickly once I try to build up a film library.

There are various bloody good deals for crazy-huge external hard drives at the mo. Might be worth buying one of the 2TB ones…

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