If there’s anything more annoying in this world than technical problems with network devices and programs, then it can absolutely stay the fuck away from me tonight. I’m having one of those classic stand-offs between my Linksys router, and devices that want to connect to each other. On this occasion it’s my MacBook Pro and my iPhone. I’ve downloaded a media app called Plex, which is by the same people behind the old modded Xbox classic XBMC, and all I want to do is to use my iPhone as a remote control so that I can connect my MacBook to my HDTV, shut the lid, and let my iPhone control Plex. In theory, it’s simple. The iPhone running Plex should automatically ‘discover’ the MacBook running Plex, and then the functionality of the app will allow the phone to be used as a remote, and everything will be fine. However, for some reason, even though the two devices are only inches from each other, they won’t communicate.

After a lot of swearing, I managed to manually add the Mac’s IP address to the iPhone, so that I at least know it can see the machine. However, while I can now access the iTunes library and some video plug-ins on Plex, I still can’t use it as a remote or see the movie library. Apparently there are ‘No Players Found’. No players found? But you can see the rest of the fucking library, you piece of shit! It’s like my iPhone’s watching a Man Utd match, can see that Old Trafford exists and someone’s winning 1-0, but is in complete denial that there are any bloody players on the pitch!

I have a horrible feeling that the problem lies somewhere with my router, but I have absolutely no idea what to do. In the grand scheme of things my life won’t suddenly end if I can’t make it work, but now that we live in such a glorious era of plug ‘n’ play – and this app is meant to be plug ‘n’ play – oh, and by the way, no one else seems to have this problem – and how many dashes can I put in this sentence – it’s really, really infuriating. I think this situation can be summed up by the following three words: kill, maim, destroy.

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