Harry S. Plinkett

Video phenomenons on the internet usually pass me by. I don’t have anything more than a passing interest in Youtube, and so rely on others (particularly on Twitter) to link to things that I might find enjoyable. I really should try to seek out more of these, as the ones that are brought to my attention are usually damn, damn good, belying their low-budget nature.

It’s rare, however, that I find something that’s laugh-out-loud funny, extremely clever and insightful, and refreshingly ‘new’ into the bargain. Enter Harry Plinkett, a misogynist, 100-year old psychotically senial serial killer, who is the narrator character behind a series of film reviews by American independent filmmaker, Mike Stoklasa. Using a combination of film footage, comparisons to other works, and a whole load of dark humour, Stoklasa’s Plinkett character deconstructs a series of movies on the Red Letter Media website.

Starting off quietly by reviewing the later Star Trek movies ‘in character’ – supposedly because he thought his normal voice would be too boring – Stoklasa first found notoriety with his epic review of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Demolishing it in hilarious fashion while making a series of well thought out points that had serious critics nodding in agreement, Plinkett was a hit. Stoklasa went on to review Attack of the Clones, and a few days ago, in a calvacade of publicity, Revenge of the Sith. I only meant to watch the start of his latest video, but barely saw my wife last night as I couldn’t help but be pulled into the nigh-on two-hour extravaganza of George Lucas’s prequel climax being utterly mutilated.

Stoklasa’s greatest asset is his ability to combine absolutely brilliantly editing with hilarious lines and killer points. It’s a one-two-three combo that frequently left me open-mouthed, as his Plinkett character pointed out numerous things in the prequels that I had never noticed before. The montage of couch scenes in the movies, for example, was eye-opening, as was his deconstruction of exactly how blue/green screen affects acting, and the contrast between the ‘we’ve got to get somewhere NOW!’ pace of what should be very similar scenes in 2009’s Star Trek and Revenge of the Sith. His explanation of why every character in the prequels is a total fucking idiot was priceless, too.

While it could be said that slating the Star Wars prequels is as difficult as Luke Skywalker bullseyeing womprats in his T-16 back home, I don’t recall it ever being done with such panache before, and Stoklasa’s skills not only reveal a whole load of new and surprising insights about the prequels, but are great entertainment along the way. I’m certainly going to be catching up with the entire back catalogue. If you haven’t caught any of his reviews yet, then make sure you rectify the situation immediately by visiting here.

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