The Christmas and New Year period has flown by as usual, and tomorrow I go back to work. Curses. January is tax returns month at the accountancy practice I work for, and is therefore usually rather stressful as a result, so I’m hoping that I can further compartmentalise my working, writing and personal lives. Writing in my lunch hour is certainly going to help with this – the ability to escape into a world of my own imagination in the middle of the day will be very welcome – but last night my wife and I were discussing another way for me to organise my time. This involves getting up and going to bed an hour earlier than I do currently.

While it will be a bit of a pain in the arse for the first week or so (waking up in the dark isn’t always very nice), what this will allow me to do is to write before work when I’m fresh, and write immediately after I get home in the evening. My wife and I will then be able to spend the evening together and go to bed at the same time – at the moment, she starts work half an hour earlier than me and has to commute into town (with a journey time of another half an hour), so by rejigging my time a bit, the theory is that we’ll go to bed and wake up together, and my time-management will fulfil the goal of being a lot more organised this year than last.

It seems like a good plan, which will fit in both with my new regime and the fact that my wife and I no longer work in the same place. We’ll see how it goes, but right now I can’t see how it won’t be a big help with everything.

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