Mac #2

I’m hoping not to turn into one of those insufferable Apple fanboys who can’t stop bleating on about their goddamn Macs, but the ‘new tech is awesome!’ feeling hasn’t gone for me yet. Today I managed to connect my new MacBook Pro up to my big telly, and after sorting out a couple of slight technical issues which required a bit of looking around the internet to find the answers, it worked perfectly. I may well, therefore, be able to ditch PS3 Media Server as a streaming solution, and instead just connect my Mac straight to the telly for big screen viewing. It seemed to handle basic 1080p video files just fine, so I’ll throw something really evil at it and see how it copes.

I also loaded the holiday videos from my HD camera onto the Mac, and will play around with iMovie to see how it compares to the video editing software I’ve been using on my PC. The problem with the latter is that my PC isn’t really powerful enough to piss around with HD stuff – it tends to have a coronary. So it’ll be cool if iMovie is good and allows me to manipulate the footage to my satisfaction.

I haven’t tried Garageband yet, but allegedly my Rock Band 3 keyboard will connect up just fine if I have the right lead (a Midi-to-USB cable, apparently). So, much amateurish noodling will hopefully soon commence.

I do, of course, also have a novel to write, and I’m midway through the Scrivener interactive tutorial at the moment. It already seems like a powerful and bloody well thought out piece of software, and I’m very much looking forward to testing it out properly over the coming days when I get some quiet time.

Tonight, though, I’m off to a party. I’m so going on a diet on 1 Jan 2011.

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