A Trivial Matter

Christmas dinner with the in-laws is done and was very nice indeed, so now I’m just waiting for the arrival of the rest of my family for the big party we’re having this evening. It should be pretty epic – there’s going to be Kinect on the go with Dance Central and Kinect Sports, and doubtless a load of Rock Band 3 later on. Also a massive amount of present-opening, drinking, and then the game of Trivial Pursuit to end all games of Trivial Pursuit.

After the debacle of last year’s Trivs which went on forever (it’s probably still being played somewhere), for the 2010 spectacular we’re having a timer of 2 minutes on the questions, and rather than segregating the teams into family groups we’re going to randomly draw team captains who will then have to pick their teams from the personnel available. I pity the poor person who gets chosen last (a real playground flashback, this), but it should make for an entertaining game.

Merry Christmas everyone. Right, enough of blogging, I have to get back to my drinking. I’ve already set the V+ Box to record Doctor Who, of course.

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