Merry Christmas, everyone! It’s very close to the time when… er… Santa will fly down… er… non-existent chimneys in this 21st Century landscape of new builds, and give everyone presents. Yeah. And today I finished work for a while so that I can drink loads of wine with the in-laws, play Kinect Sports, and write some rubbish. Hooray.

Kinect Sports is rather funny. My brother-in-law and I played the Track & Field event in multiplayer this evening, and were profoundly knackered by the end of it. The game’s hardcore fans are going to be MACHINES in a few months’ time: superfit warriors, capable of laughing in Usain Bolt’s face. Me, I’m far more interested in amazing the crowd by raising my arms than setting superfast times. Though I have encountered some rage-quitting in online table tennis, which was rather satisfying even though I didn’t gain the ranking points as a result. Unbeaten. Oh yeah. Though, to be honest, I haven’t played anyone good yet.

Tomorrow promises to be a food-fest. We have goose, and turkey, and hopefully shitloads of roast potatoes, and everyone’s coming round my house in the evening for drinks and Trivs. It should be a good day, and I’m hoping to unleash the embarrassment of Dance Central upon many of my guests. Consider it the entrance fee.

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