The funeral wasn’t as sad as I thought it would be. I’d got a lot of my crying out the night before, and therefore I was better able to deal with the day ahead. My mum and my brother Steve delivered very good speeches, and we managed to deliver the music choices which, the day before, had been too late to include. The highlight was undoubtedly Dave’s choice, ‘Remember Me’ by British Sea Power, which assaulted the crematorium in a blast of guitars. Mum then made a comment about us being not even remotely religious, which was soon challenged by my music choice of… er… Jerusalem. Vangelis version. Rather cool, I have to say.

It was great that some of my Grandpa’s old footie friends turned up. Brilliantly, his best friend Shaun told us that he had never revealed his professional career at Bristol City in all the years he’d known him. So Grandpa had been managing his friends and taken them to the top of the league while being player-manager at Wells City, without ever telling them how he knew what he was doing! Priceless! It was so like him. Shaun was calling him every name under the sun at the wake, while grinning in that way you do when someone’s put the once-over on you and you think it’s awesome.

I’ll miss my Grandpa so much, but I feel closer to my family than ever. I know he’s never going to leave me, and his strength is a tangible kick-start for the months to come. Watch this space. Cool things are coming. It would be rude to disappoint.

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  1. Jen

    Glad it went as well as possible *hugs*

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