Snow Joke #2

I had a bit of an adventure on the snow and ice this afternoon. I usually love driving in the snow, but am more than a little bit annoyed with myself after this escapade.

I had taken the right-hander (of doom) into a side road completely OK when I went out to get my Christmas tree a few hours before the eventual incident, but unknown to me it had frozen to buggery since then. So when I attempted to take the same turning at the same speed on my second trip, all of a sudden I found myself not turning at all, sliding with no control over anything, and heading straight for someone’s front wall! It was one of those ‘ohhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiit’ moments.

Luckily (and unluckily: see later) the kerb on the edge of that bit of the road was very high, and so my car BANGED off it at about 10mph like I was in a dodgem, which allowed me to make the turn and not end up in someone’s front garden. While I was perfectly alright after this, though, my Yaris didn’t fare so well. Unfortunately, it looks like I’ve bent my front-left wheel, and my hubcap is most definitely fucked. So it’s off to the garage with the car tomorrow. Ironically I only decided to go the way I did because the end of my road slopes downwards, and when it’s icy it’s very easy to slide out into the main road in an uncontrollable car, which is scary. I crashed partly because I was trying to be safer! The reason I’m annoyed with myself is that I could easily have crawled around the corner if I’d gone really slowly, and I just plain didn’t spot the danger of going faster.

Couple my snow adventure with the fact that my short story didn’t get shortlisted (which led to a volley of swear words from a friend of mine who really liked it), and worst of all, I’m a bit short on potatoes for my roast (and now I can’t drive to get some more), and you can see why today has pretty much sucked. Never mind! At least I’ll have lamb to enjoy soon, if the oven doesn’t explode to finish me off. Oh, and my Christmas tree looks really nice, which is something.

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