The Big Off

Right, I’m off for my Welsh adventure. The directions look… er… interesting, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there’s a big snowfall overnight, so the journey back should be slippy fun.

I’ve packed both warm and normal clothes, so I should be alright no matter how well (or not) the bunkhouse is heated.

So, here’s to a safe journey and not too bad a hangover tomorrow morning! I’ll try to post here after I’ve arrived at the bunkhouse, but don’t take it as a sign of my death if I don’t – there may well be absolutely no signal up there at all.

Well, I can’t sit around here all day, I have to get going. Car’s fuelled, booze is in the back, I have money for the bridge toll (why do you have to pay to get into Wales, but not to get out? Bloody weird, that). Bye folks!

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