And I’m done. After an intense fortnight’s work, the redraft of my novel is feature complete. Which basically means that it’s now in the present tense from beginning to end, and I’ve killed all the continuity gaffes that resulted from my new opening. I’m currently adulating in the sweet smell of victory with a well-deserved gin and tonic.

Tomorrow I’ll start whizzing back through to spot the bits that are less than perfect (there were a couple of chapters which were a bit of a slog to change, and so I’ll need to have another look at them to see how they read now). But my first impression is that I’m really happy with how it’s gone – I think it was absolutely the right thing to do, to decide to really go for the tense change in a big way. The difference it’s made to the energy level of the narrative is more than I expected, and the already-pretty-good-IMO action stuff has gone up another level. Some of the set pieces are now crazy intense, and because the novel is kinda “new” for me again, it’s easier for me to see how well they work. The plot hangs together better, everyone’s motivations are clearer, it seems funnier, scarier, pacier and sexier than before… overall, I think I’ve done a good job.

So, after I’ve checked everything, we’ll see whether the pros agree. Right now, though, I feel victorious.

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