Bad Mood

I’ve definitely had better days. My grandfather has been in a nursing home for the past couple of months and really isn’t very well, so I’m worried about him. I’m not sleeping brilliantly at the moment and so I’m permanently tired, which means that my stammer’s acting up – one phone call today was particularly awesome. And, just because it could, the office printer decided it was going to proclaim itself screwed after I changed the toner. After half an hour of increasingly fractious gaaaaaaah attempts to make it work, my brother came along and instantly made it better by… doing exactly the same thing as I’d been doing. It’s like the printer rebelled against me personally for shits and giggles.

But what’s really put me in a bad mood this evening is the so-called “Honeymoon Murder” case in South Africa involving Shrien Dewani and his murdered wife, Anni – in particular, how a clearly opportunistic and politically motivated plea-bargain arrangement with the taxi driver has somehow resulted in the South African wing of the Twitterverse completely losing its marbles, making countless people automatically believe the word of a convicted criminal over a man who has no criminal record and, more importantly (despite the desperate attempts to fabricate one), absolutely no motive whatsoever for seeking his wife’s death. There’s a very convoluted spin on the Mrs Merton joke, “So, what first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?” when it comes to the plea-bargain, but I believe I’ll postpone.

Once Dewani’s bail hearing has been concluded and we know a bit more about what’s likely to happen next – the initial bail agreement is currently under appeal by the South African representatives and I can’t really see why, other than them being pricks for the sake of it – I’ll have a lot to say about this case and what it reveals about national pride gone blinkered, the fickle nature of summary justice on the internet, and the casual racism of our mid-market tabloid press.

You may want to put on your best tweed jacket for that one.

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