Opening Gambit

After a veritable fuckload of writing (to give it its technical term), the new opening of my novel is content-complete. It’s several million miles longer than the last version, but I felt it was necessary to establish the main character properly, which I plain didn’t do very well in the previous draft’s lightning-quick beginning. Maybe I’ve gone too far the other way and there’s now a bit too much establishing, who knows? Anyhow, it’s great to finally see the events down on paper. I always find that tweaking and editing are much easier than writing the main body of work in the first place, so being able to now work from something is brilliant. I also feel that I’m improving as a writer all the time, so reading my first drafts is starting to become a little bit less painful. Of course, it helps that this draft has been in my head for a long while.

I’ve sent the new opening off to my usual willing victim for her verdict, and I really hope she likes it. While it’s probably too late now to achieve my goal of landing a literary agent before the end of the year, I think that I could be in good shape to start 2011 with a bang. But I’d better get the feedback before I start even looking at the hen house, let alone counting my chickens, I suppose. As usual I’m bloody nervous about what the reaction is going to be, just in case I’m mental for thinking this new stuff actually works.

Anyway, “Achievement Unlocked” and all that. I’m going to have a small celebratory vodka and then I’m off to bed. Work tomorrow.

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