Last night I started watching The Inbetweeners.

I’m more than a little bit late to the party, but it’s one of those shows that I’m amazed I’ve never been press-ganged into experiencing before. Like many who’ve watched it, I’ve pointed and laughed at the number of references which are directly relevant to my own school experience. The character of Jay is my friend Ricky C. Reeves-Bro is Neil. Ben and myself are some sort of hybrid of Will and Simon (my friend Marsha has already called me “briefcase wanker”).

With every episode, I spot something that’s pretty much a direct testimony of my time in the Sixth Form. That’s part of the genius of this programme. I know that my sixteen year old sister loves it. I know that my twenty-five year old brother loves it. Somehow the writers have tapped into a time in their lives that everyone can relate to. Proper analysis on this when I’m vaguely sober.

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  1. So which one am I dood…? 😉

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