It’s all change in the Grant household tomorrow. After seven years of working for the same company (seven years! Has it really been that long?!), my wife and I are finally going to be able to have the typical married couple, “How was your day, dear?” conversation. Yes, Jo is starting a new job – still as a recruitment consultant, but now for a bigger firm in the middle of town.

She’s nervous, as you might expect, but by contrast I’m as unafraid as you could possibly get. Why? Well, because Jo underestimates her own professional abilities to a crazy degree. She has the most insane work ethic of anyone I’ve ever met – she was always, without fail, first in the office and last to leave – and if she works anything like as hard for her new company as she has done for us, then she’ll be brilliant. The new people headhunted her (there could be only one), eventually persuaded her to join, and it’s obvious to everyone else that her new starter nerves – “Will they like me? Can I do the job?” – are about as necessary as the guy on the right in One Direction.

There’s going to be a somewhat weird period of adjustment at first because we’re so used to being in the same office together, but I’m actually really looking forward to not being in each other’s pockets so much – it’ll be a new situation where we’ll have stories to swap at the end of every working day. Not that I’ll have any decent ones, of course, being an accountant. There are only so many VAT anecdotes you can tell before they got old. One, really. Maybe less.

But anyway, the very best of luck to my lovely wife in her fabulous new job. I love her very much and I’m really proud of her. I know she’s going to be a great success, and the new company will soon find out just how lucky they are to have her.

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  1. Jen

    Hope it all went really well for her 🙂

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