I submitted my short story this evening. It received a more than glowing review from my go-to author, and reading it back tonight, I think it’s turned out pretty well.

There’s always a sting in the tail, though, and on this occasion it turned out to be Gmail. Due to the risk of viruses, the competition organisers asked for any stories intended for submission to be copied and pasted into the body of the submission email. I did this, it was all in the email box, sorted, fine, and then I hit submit. My job done, I relaxed with a nice glass of wine, and then a few minutes later I clicked on my Sent Items folder to make sure the email went off OK.


It appeared that the last page of the story didn’t copy, even though it showed very clearly on-screen at the time I sent it. Yet my iPhone Gmail app showed the whole story in my Sent Items. So did it go or didn’t it? I forwarded the email to my other external account to see if I could work out what was the truth, and the last page was indeed cut off. Noooooo. So what could I do? I copied and pasted again, this time splitting the story up into two blocks, and sent it as a test email to my other external account. This one seemed OK. So I then sent this second email to the competition address, including an explanation about why I was sending a second message. Crazily, while the email now showed in full on my other external address, my Gmail Sent Items once again insisted that the last page had been cut off.


So I’ve had to send another email to the competition address to make sure, a “did you get my whole story?” message. Now I look like a neurotic imbecile. Why does this always happen to me? Why did this one email – a simple copy and paste job – go screwy? It’s like the world does this on purpose, truly. But never mind. I’ll get a reply from the comp address, confirming that they have the whole thing, and everything’ll be fine. Hmmm.

But boy, is it annoying.

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