Tomorrow’s definitely one of those “put up or shut up” days. I’m putting all the pressure on myself here – there’s no actual need to finish any of the stuff I intend to complete in this time frame – but it has to be done. There’s something I need to prove to myself.

While I was on holiday I wrote quite a lot of stuff. Maybe not quite as much as I was hoping to (I had that whole “eyes bigger than stomach” thing going on beforehand), but a sizeable amount. As I had no laptop I had to write it longhand, which means that there’s a lot to transfer to PC and it’s all had no editing whatsoever. Many successful writers still compose their first drafts on paper. Fuck knows how. The delete key, and the ability to properly sort out bollocks sentences, are absent on a pad without an ‘i’ on the front of it. What I need to transcribe are various sections of the final redraft of my novel, and a short story that I wrote on holiday. Both of them have problems – the novel’s missing a section which is going to be very difficult to write (the missing bit has the kind of scene that bugger-all authors can do justice to, and I’ve never tried anything like it… no pressure there, then), and the short story has a final section which currently doesn’t work at all.

Nonetheless I can see both pieces turning out pretty well, given a bit of logical thinking and a fuckload of editing. I’m going to enter the short story in a competition, and the new novel draft is going to secure me a kick-ass literary agent. In theory, anyway. Ha.

I’ll have much more idea about how things are going to pan out when I get it all down tomorrow. Here’s hoping that I’ll be pleasantly surprised rather than utterly depressed. It’ll be OK. It has to be.

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