Final Day

Well, it’s been my last full day in Grenada (I fly back tomorrow night), and while the weather wasn’t magnificent, I did manage to write half a short story in the afternoon when it clouded over, which for a first draft seems to be going pretty well. I also rediscovered my pool (as in: potting balls, nothing to do with water) form. On the final day! The inhumanity! Oh, and Jo beat me at Gin Rummy, running away with it in the penultimate game, meaning that she emerges triumphant as holiday champion, 3-2.

And that’s it. It was a bit of a lazy one, but everything’s pretty much packed, and soon I’ll be getting on an aeroplane to come home to sub-zero temperatures and the promise of snow. I’m very much looking forward to seeing my family, friends and cats again, of course, and having a big telly. But Grenada has been a lovely holiday, and it’ll be cool to share the footage that I’ve shot with you.

I must come back to this island in the future. The people are lovely, and it’s such a beautiful place. I really feel for them, too – 2004’s Hurricane Ivan practically obliterated their economy and it’s been a real struggle for them to get back on their feet. Their main industries were decimated and unemployment is at 25%, so to see the people still so cheerful despite their bad luck, and figuring out how to make livings for themselves in creative ways (in many cases, by hand-carving jewellery from pieces of coral), has really been humbling and quite inspiring.

Right, one more night’s sleep and then I’m off. Bye for now.

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