We English are so terribly shit at sunbathing. Lathering on the Factor One Zillion is fine for a while, but then as soon as we go in some water and forget to reapply we end up looking like lobsters, with our legs all red and burning so brightly that they could heat the home of a family of four for Christmas.

Not that any of that happened to me today, of course. Unconvinced? Me too. Unfortunately I’m now lying in bed with my legs feeling like they’ve been immersed in the core of the sun. It’s amusing, because you’d think that evolution would have considered the possibility of tourism and adapted English bodies to make them resistant to something that has, let’s face it, always been in the sky.

Still, when the redness subsides, brownness will hopefully emerge. A wet flannel is currently in the fridge on standby to hopefully make the transition a bit more bearable.

Tomorrow sees me going on a tour of the island. Full report when I get back.

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