I knew it would happen. If there’s one thing certain about holidays, it’s that they encourage a lot of eating and drinking. Upon returning to my hotel room on Thursday night after having loads of cocktails, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Big mistake. I looked like I was about to give birth to a bowling ball. Being on holiday had caused me not to do enough exercise, and that combined with my increased food and alcohol intake made my formerly almost svelte figure suffer a bit of an unwelcome increase.

So I resolved to hit the gym, or rather, what the hotel calls its exercise room. It’s just around the corner from my hotel room and is packed with cool machines: treadmill, rowing machine, exercise bike, you name it. I have a cross-trainer at home, so I was happy to use the equivalent out here.

However, the island’s climate adds a bit of extra challenge into the mix. Despite turning on the air conditioning, exercising in the level of humidity present in Grenada is so much harder than it is back home. After twenty minutes on the cross-trainer I was literally dripping with sweat, and it was only the memory of that image in the mirror that encouraged me to struggle on through the pain barrier. Having been to the exercise room for the past two days now, I’m already starting to feel the effect, even if it’s nearly killing me.

With five days to go in Grenada, I’m still hoping that I can leave in the same kind of state, weight-wise, as I arrived. Well, I can dream, anyway. I really should have started this exercise regime a lot earlier, but at least I’m doing something about it, and hopefully there won’t be too much to lose when I get home. That first body test on Wii Fit is going to be a nerve shredder.

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