It’s been my birthday today, the first time that I’ve ever celebrated it overseas. And while it was kinda weird initially to be away from my family, I’ve had a lovely day. The main event was the meal tonight, when my wife and I advanced further afield to check out a restaurant called The Boathouse, which is next to a marina a few miles away from our hotel.

Renowned for its pizzas, The Boathouse also turned out to be a superb venue for live music. It’s open air with everyone eating outside, and the initial very bloody good steel band segued into a superb rock band which quickly had everyone on their feet dancing. The band was an interesting mix of Italian, English and Caribbean, and they did some rather nice covers. With immense guitar solos.

Thanks to everyone who sent me Facebook messages today, they were much appreciated. I hope to see you all when I get back. I am… er… coming back, right? T’would be a terrible shame if I lost my airline ticket.

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