The weather moved in today, and for the first time during my holiday it really bucketed down. Coincidentally I had just heard about the floods in Cornwall. I can’t imagine, though, that the south-west of England could hold much of a candle to this. A tropical rain shower is really something to behold. It’s a monsoon-like deluge of water which you absolutely have to hide from. The cloud today was so low that, for a while, the rest of the island seemed to disappear, leaving only our beach visible.

But after the rain abated, the view quickly became clear again. The clouds lifted, the temperature shot back up, and within a few minutes you’d never know it had rained at all. It was almost like the weather scene in The Truman Show.

The rain put paid to my planned visit to a waterfall (oh the irony), but that should happen tomorrow. If it’s anything like as impressive as a simple shower on this island, it’ll be something to behold.

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