Today I went surf kayaking. Due to not being sure about the level of my skills with a paddle, I opted for the two-person behemoth so as not to have to worry about keeping up with my wife. I should have been more worried about getting in the damn thing.

After pushing the surf kayak into the ocean, Jo climbed in while I held the heavy craft, and then I followed. However, despite our best intentions to make it face straight on to the waves, we hadn’t yet assumed the position when it came to paddling. The kayak therefore shifted to the side and the force of the first wave capsized us. Curses. Luckily, not many people were watching.

Our second attempt at getting in was much more successful, and we managed to paddle straight for the nearest wave and survive it. Then we were off, paddling out to sea, quickly noticing that we were a long way from the shore.

The only real problem was my position at the rear of the kayak. Not only did it not do my back any favours, but I was sitting at such an angle that I was being forced to use leg muscles I never knew I had.

But after exploring out to sea, and contemplating how long it would take us to paddle right round to the private cove that we know is somewhere around the rocks, we returned to shore (finding that getting back is harder than paddling out), resolving to take individual kayaks next time. It was a rather nice way to spend a late afternoon, I have to say.

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