I’ve discovered a new dish that I really like, which is unusual for me because I’m a fussy bugger. It’s one of Grenada’s signature dishes, a fusion of Caribbean and East Indian cooking. Chicken Roti is its name. It’s a savoury pancake filled with chicken and potato in a smooth curry sauce, and it’s bloody lovely. Filling, too.

Food on this holiday is rather different to my last. Both breaks are all-inclusive, and so I was expecting the same method of getting meals as in Majorca, which was basically feeding time at the zoo. With beyond massive Glaswegians piling their plates high enough to feed an army of elephants, while speaking in a dialect that could barely be described as English (the Spanish were easier to understand), dinner time wasn’t exactly civilised, and I was expecting a similar survival of the fattest here.

But no. This hotel has full waiter service even for all-inclusive guests, and so the experience is totally different. There’s no mad rush to get the good stuff first, and the meal time experience is so much more relaxed. Just like the Caribbean in general, then, really.

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