After a very long day which started at 4.45am, my wife and I finally made it to Grenada at about 8.30pm UK time. An eight and a half hour flight to Tobago was followed by a wait on the tarmac for an hour and a half before the plane set off again to its final destination. Then, after gloriously almost skimming the sea off Grenada to reach the runway right on the coast, the Immigration and Customs officials gave us the first taste of relaxed Caribbean life. Nearly two hours later, we still weren’t out of the airport.

At last we managed to escape and got into the oldest taxi of all time for the ride to our hotel. Then we were finally able to relax. A few beers and much food later, I’m beyond tired due to the longest of days. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the island.

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One response to “Grenada

  1. Mum

    Darling son glad you got there OK. didn’t get a chance to say goodbye…………… goodbye !
    Love Mum

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