The Big Off

Right then, I’m off to Grenada. Toodle-pip. I shall return with stories of drunken excess, idyllic beaches, and mosquitoes of terror.

As befits a modern holiday, it’s not just clothes that my wife and I are taking with us. We’re also bringing our iPhones, two Nintendo DS’s, an HD camera and a normal digital camera, as well as a couple of iPods. We are such simple folk. In terms of more traditional forms of entertainment, we have some playing cards and a number of novels for beach reading. I’m not usually a Facebook whore who runs to the service every time he takes a photo, but I really will try to do more than usual to document the holiday properly, especially as I’ve never been to the Caribbean before.

I must dash, as I have a three and a half hour drive ahead of me to get to Gatwick. Bye for now, then, and watch out for blog updates while I’m away. If I can locate internet access, there will definitely be some. And hopefully I’ll find a telly in the hotel where I can watch the Grand Prix decider on Sunday and maybe even… whisper it… X Factor. Ha!

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