Just a very quick entry tonight, as time is running away with me. I’ve seen Predators this evening, which is unfortunately a disappointing sequel to the original Arnie classic. There was precious little suspense, and I rarely felt even slightly tense while watching it. Something went wrong with the direction, methinks.

It’s a shame, because the setup, which involved the characters being transported to an alien planet and waking up in freefall, was a rather good opening and a great idea, but the rest of the film didn’t live up to the premise. Adrian Brody was okay in the lead role (though he’s no Arnold Schwarzenegger), but the main problem is that I couldn’t tell you any of the names of the characters, which seems to be standard practice for this kind of film these days. Time was, when you could watch an action film and be able to reel off the names of everyone in it. Die Hard, Commando, the original Predator – the supporting characters were all interesting and had something to say, which made them memorable. Nowadays, though, characters in such movies are ciphers, simply there to be killed off. But because they don’t mean anything, there’s no sadness when they’re offed. All we can hope is that the method of execution is inventive enough to keep us interested.

Predators is a film that’s well shot, but the script simply isn’t good enough. And I have to say that I was rather annoyed by the fact that the best shot from the trailer (where Adrian Brody is smothered by multiple Predator laser sights) wasn’t even in the movie. Looking around the internet, it seems that this shot was filmed specifically for the trailer alone. Now, that’s just not cricket. False advertising. Not impressed. Bad form.

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