The End Of Pain

My week of pain is over, and it ended on a bit of a damp squib, to be honest. My wife told me, following her own injections, that her arms felt like she’d been repeatedly punched, so I was expecting something similar and I wasn’t exactly looking forward to being stabbed. However, I faced only two needles rather than three as my doctor decided that a Typhoid jab wasn’t necessary, only the Hepatitis A and a Tetanus cocktail which had other stuff in it. The injections themselves weren’t very painful at all, and even though I bled from the one on my left arm, I left the surgery thinking, “Is that it?”

Around five o’clock, though, my left arm started to ache, followed by my right, and I do indeed feel like I’ve got at least one dead arm at the moment. However, it’s not that bad at all, really. I’ve had worse from going on the cross-trainer. So that’s it. All that’s left to do for my holiday now is to look for a couple of new tee shirts and pack. And given my spatial awareness when it comes to suitcases, I suspect that I’ll be most helpful in the process by making cups of tea.

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