So I survived the dentist. Obviously I did. What was there to worry about? *Quakes with fear*

After sitting in the chair, wanting to be anywhere else (even work), I was given three injections in my mouth to numb the area – the filling was to be in one of my back teeth – and then the fun began. I mostly looked at the light above my face as a point of reference and tried to think happy thoughts, which isn’t so easy when the high-pitched sound of a drill is whirring away. It wasn’t just the drill, either – I also got to experience some kind of grinding device which effectively acted as a sander. The most disconcerting part of my time in the chair was seeing the fine dust of my tooth flying up into the air! Nice.

Luckily the procedure didn’t hurt (it probably helped that the tooth had already been filled many years ago, so there must have been less drilling to do), and the filling was added in short order. My mouth’s sore now, though – a combination of having to hold it wide open for so long, and my tooth recovering from being ground down and drilled to buggery. I’ve been gobbling up the painkillers like they’re Tic-Tacs. Hopefully when I wake up in the morning everything’ll be back to normal.

The week of pain continues tomorrow with my visit to the doctor to receive the three jabs that I need for my holiday. Joy. To say I can’t wait for the weekend is an understatement. Right, I’m off to sip some chicken soup and feel sorry for myself.

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