The Replacement Arrives

Today my replacement television was delivered. All was right with the world again and the problems with the previous set were happily a thing of the past. I quickly dived into the appropriate reference materials: Avatar and Battlestar Galactica on Blu-Ray, and Wipeout HD on the PS3. Eye candy extraordinaire, all. But after playing around with the TV’s myriad settings to calibrate the picture correctly and make it look lovely, with thanks to the rather wonderful (if often baffling when it comes to the terminology it uses) HDTVtest website, I soon found myself putting the Rock Band 3 disc into my Xbox 360. I played a couple of random songs and then started completing a few challenges, including an amusing throwback to the most evil song in the original Rock Band game, Green Grass and High Tides. Twenty minutes later, it was three hours later. Whoops. Damn you, Harmonix!

I ended my Rock Band session by doing some more of the keyboard lessons. I’m still useless at the instrument, but I’ve moved beyond simple scales to playing chords and intervals. Soon I’m going to embark on actually trying to play some songs on it – handily there’s a training mode where every single song in the game is broken down into individual sections to practise. It won’t be long before I’m smashing the chords on The Power Of Love while channelling Marty McFly.

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