Weekend Update

As I speculated in last night’s blog entry (the shortest one ever, fact fans), I woke up this morning without a hangover, due to the fact that I stopped drinking at a reasonable hour and then stuck to the lemonade. It was an astonishingly mature decision for me – I’m notorious for drinking way too quickly and my level of pissedness consequently increasing even when I’ve decided to stop – and it meant that my ritual taking of paracetamol this morning was more for completion’s sake than anything else. Thanks go to my wife’s friend Lucy for inviting us. (And when I say “us”, I do actually mean plural, as in my wife and I. Not the Cheryl Cole form of “us”, which the Geordie chart-topper uses to mean just her, in the singular. [/pedant])

Unfortunately, due to being away in Shrewsbury I’ve had very little time to put into Rock Band 3, which arrived on Friday, but I’m very much looking forward to getting properly acquainted with the accompanying Keytar and learning how to play it. My initial attempt very much resembled the first time I picked up the plastic guitar in the very first Guitar Hero – I was utter rubbish but instantly wanted to play it for hours. Rather awesomely the Keytar doubles as a real MIDI keyboard, so by buying a certain peripheral to allow it to plug into my iPhone, I’ll be able to use it with NanoStudio. It’s nice of Harmonix to decide to make it a proper instrument.

Rock Band 3 has new “Pro” modes which involve learning how to play real instruments, and Fender is making an electric guitar with special sensors in all the frets that enables compatibility with the game while also working as a proper guitar outside it. This means that players will be able to learn all the in-game songs (and forthcoming downloadable content) through the game to the level where they’re playing them properly with all the notes, on a guitar that is also a real guitar – it’s the ultimate evolution of the Rock Band concept.

The Fender Squire, though – the instrument in question – isn’t out until sometime next year. That’s going to be an amusing conversation with my wife… Oh shit, she reads this blog. I’m whistling innocently right now. Got to dash. Bye!

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