Argos For The Win

I’m going to be without a telly until next Monday. Even though I’m away this weekend and so wouldn’t have been able to use one anyway, it still seems like an awful long time to have a great big void in the middle of my games room.

My telly had a problem: something was wrong with its video processor, which meant that fast movement was causing the picture to blur excessively no matter what mode it was in. For videogames, this meant that moving the camera left or right became a smear-fest. All of a sudden, every lead character was a drunk. Static scenes and scenes with little panning movement still looked fine, but I needed the problem fixed. So let me give you all a good piece of advice – hold onto your receipt.

Until I looked high and low for it without success, I would have put my house on the receipt being in a certain place. I can even remember putting it there. But of course, this being my life, the one receipt I needed to find had decided to go walkabout, never to be seen again. And so the call centre wars began. My wife rang up Samsung, the manufacturers of the TV to ask what they could do. All I wanted was an engineer to be called out. But Samsung was about as helpful as a fireman this Bonfire Night. It made no difference that the telly was only manufactured last July (and bought by me last December), they wouldn’t do anything at all without a receipt, and their Indian call centre staff wouldn’t deviate one iota from their scripts. Clearly the Sale of Goods act doesn’t exist – Samsung deeming it acceptable for a TV to develop problems within one and a quarter years of its date of manufacture. Ludicrous.

The retailer I bought the telly from – Argos – initially had the same response, requiring a receipt to do anything. But following a second battle with Samsung, after which my wife had to be made many cups of tea as the call was so frustrating, a lady from Argos took pity on us and agreed to look for the transaction. Lesson number two – never pay for anything expensive in cash. Without a card payment, it’s very difficult for a company to find your purchase record. But luckily there was only one TV of the particular type and price sold at that particular store on Boxing Day, and so this was deemed enough evidence that I did in fact buy it from them. Having directly contacted the store in question, the lady from Argos customer services arranged for me to return the TV and be given a gift voucher to the value of the original purchase, for me to spend on a new one.

So that’s what I did, and the new model is being delivered in a week’s time. This time, I’m framing the bloody receipt. And since it has to be delivered (with a small charge added for that), I got to make a card payment too, just as added proof in case anything goes wrong again. I really can’t fault Argos, who went above and beyond the call of duty to keep me happy. I’d definitely recommend buying from them. The less said about Samsung and their pisspoor customer service, though, the better. Frustratingly, as it’s still best in its price bracket, my new telly is the 2010 model of the one that went wrong. But if I need help in the future, I know who I won’t be counting on.

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