A Jab Of Misfortune

After reading my blog from last night, my lovely wife took it upon herself to fetch me the travel form I needed from my GP’s surgery. That has earned her many cups of tea. Alas, though, another couple of problems have presented themselves. As you will recall, I need to work out whether I require any new vaccinations for my holiday to Grenada next month. However, it turned out that my medical records are blank in terms of this information. For whatever reason, my school didn’t pass on details of my jabs. My mother has informed me that I had all the standard stuff, but there’s no way to confirm it. The receptionist at the surgery rang up the child records bureau to see if they held anything further about me, but they don’t have information going back that far. To add insult to injury, the travel nurse at the surgery is… er… travelling herself. When does she get back? The day I fly out. God – if he exists – has a mischievous sense of humour.

I’m now reduced to trying to figure out what jabs I might or might not need, assessing the risk of doing nothing, and contacting a private clinic if necessary. But with no records to fall back on, it’s going to be very difficult to work out exactly what to do. I don’t want to contract something nasty on holiday (though Grenada is classed as “low risk”) but I’m also not keen on getting stabbed with needles and having to pay shitloads of money for the privilege. Tis a quandary.

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