Just a very quick hello this evening. The Social Network has immediately leapt into my rather exclusive category of “this is absolute fucking amazing” films. A fabulous script by Aaron Sorkin, bravura direction from David Fincher, and compelling performances from all the leads. Justin Timberlake – yes, that Justin Timberlake – is a revelation. More on this tomorrow, but you have to go to see the film.

Before The Social Network, I played minigolf with my wife, brother-in-law and one of my friends. A shocking start (as usual) saw me dead last at the turn, but then something clicked and I started winning holes and posted the best score for the last nine. This wasn’t enough for me to win the strokeplay, where I came third, but I did win the matchplay quite comfortably, which after the awfulness of the beginning was a very good result.

So, a nice evening out and now I’m off to bed. Night all.

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  1. Jen

    It was brilliant, wasn’t it?
    I was worried the hype would have been far too difficult to live up to, but instead it was just downright brilliant.

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