Right, that’s it, I’m rebelling. Yes, against One A Day, against the edict to write a post every twenty-four hours that has to be witty, entertaining and not at all bollocks. (What do you mean, I’ve been rebelling against that since I started this venture? Curse you!) It’s difficult, you know. I’ve already written over 250 entries and it’s getting harder and harder not to repeat myself.

Tonight, you see, I’m tired. I’ve been to see Mark Watson’s rather wonderful stand-up show, and since then I’ve been amusing myself by watching the political bear-pit of Question Time, and the Andrew Neill smugfest, This Week. Michael Portillo and Charles Clarke are wearing practically identical shirts. It’s scary.

Anyway, these blog entries should each have some kind of theme or point, and this one has neither. My brain is incapable of forming coherent thoughts, despite the fact that I have yet to write about last night’s Apprentice or the continuing fuckwittery of Messrs Hicks and Gillette. If only the Dark Lord Sugar could smite those bozos back to America.

But this convenient rebellion will only last for a single day. Tomorrow I’ll be back to frantically thinking about what I can write for your delectation. My plan a couple of months ago to write entries early so that I wouldn’t be struggling at the end of a night didn’t last very long; however, I must try to re-establish the habit. For now, though, thanks to Mark Watson for a superb evening of comedy, and congratulations to my good friend Chris Schilling for contributing to two of the GMA (Games Media Award) winners tonight. Both of you are rather talented fellows.

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One response to “Rebellion

  1. Jen

    I was so worried at the start of that entry that you were going to quit OneADay!

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