Today has been a terrible failure. I meant to really get stuck into my rewrite of the first three chapters (I might even say “reimagining”, as it’s going to bear little resemblance to what’s currently there in terms of how it’s written) but for some reason I wasn’t feeling in the mood. But I didn’t do much else either. A bit of FIFA, some playing around on the Internet, a nice bath, and I cooked a roast. That’s it. So the day was pretty unproductive. I’m very much a “mood” writer – I can’t just force it out at any time, I have to feel at least a little bit creatively inspired to start, as otherwise I know that what I write will be utter rubbish. And that’s not a good thing.

But this rewrite is mega-important, so it has to be done. Luckily I have tomorrow off work, and I’m planning to wake up early and get down to it. My best results have always come when I’ve been able to devote a large block of time to writing, so hammering it all day will hopefully lead to something coherent being produced. I am a bit worried, though, as while I’ve got a basic format in my head it has to be funny, pacey, full of emotional truth and also be a bit scary into the bargain. So there’s a lot to achieve, and all of it has to fit together and make sense. It also needs to blend well with the rest of the novel, rather than there being an obvious join between the sections.

Not achieving much today has increased the pressure, as it really feels like the clock is ticking. I have exactly one week to make it brilliant. But if I nail it, I know that everything’s going to be great. This is the final piece of the jigsaw.

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