Sense of humour failure! Sometimes Internet controversies get a bit tedious. Is it genuine outrage or simply wimpy, over-egged stupidity? In this latest episode I’m not entirely sure. Judge for yourselves:

There’s no question that this film is provocative, but there’s something rather interesting here: Richard Curtis wrote it. That’s Richard “not-even-remotely-provocative-for-ages” Curtis. The rom-com guy. Him. The environmental message is a strong one, but what’s most interesting is the black-or-white attitude. Either you’re with us, or you’re against us. It’s an authoritarian stance, but it has to be said that I think it’s a pretty cool one. “No pressure.”

The film was withdrawn soon after its appearance, due to some viewers finding it tasteless and unnecessarily violent. Now, it plainly is both those things, but that’s what makes it interesting. It has a personality. It has a purpose. So I’m sorry that the makers chose to fall on their swords and chickened out of standing up for it, because it’s plainly the most intriguing thing that Richard Curtis has done for a while. Frankly, I like its ballsiness. “Either you’re against climate change, or you don’t deserve to live.” It’s overblown but it’s passionate and I found that its sense of humour fit in with my taste. So withdrawing it was silly and cowardly, in my opinion. But hey, at least it got to publicise its cause, which is a good thing.

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