This weekend is going to be a writing extravaganza, and there’s a lot to do. But there are many distractions, in the form of FIFA 11, F1 2010 and Halo Reach. I don’t know about you, but for me, life is a series of temptations. Whenever I’m sitting at my desk at home, innocently thinking that I should write cool stuff, my Xbox looks at me pleadingly, willing me to change my plans and switch it on. Likewise, whenever I plan to read anything worthwhile, Twitter seeks to convince me that taking a look at 140-character self-indulgencies would be a far more enjoyable waste of my time.

The solution is obvious. Rip out the Ethernet port. Smash the wireless router. But there’s something so addictive about being online, with all that information accessible at the push of a button, and it overrides any thoughts about sticking to my best laid plans. As everything becomes more convergent, with even our phones now providing us with email, social networking and games, as well as just phone calls, the notion of sticking to just one task at a time seems increasingly antiquated. This makes those few times when no signal is available seem like a return to the Dark Ages. No Facebook? No ability to access BBC News? Horrible.

Willpower is the new watchword for anyone who wants to actually achieve anything. Write for half an hour and then access your email. Write that letter and then look at Twitter. Our joined-up world is so dangerous in terms of productivity that it needs us all to establish our own system of rewards. All those situations where we’d previously be locked into one course of action now see us have numerous possibilities.

The danger is that it could so easily make us all do nothing while looking at everything.

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One response to “Distractions

  1. Jen

    Fifa 11 has been tempting me far too much also.

    Tomorrow will be a ‘proper’ day of writing work and will require much willpower. Eeek!

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