I’ve been thinking about appraisals, due to the fact that the revised opening to my novel is likely to partly centre around one. I’m kinda ripping from myself, since my TV pilot script “Jump!” also featured an appraisal, though in a very different form. But I think that such horrors are dreaded by pretty much everyone. I remember my own appraisals when I was working for RBS back in the day. The managers absolutely hated having to do them, as they were just as baffled by the “Key Performance Indicators” speak as the people they were meeting with, more than annoyed by the wordy bollocks in front of them which meant absolutely nothing.

Seriously, appraisal forms go on and on without containing anything of substance. But these events are a way in for a reader to empathise with the character who has to go through them. Personal experience should create a bond here. I’m creating an unfair appraisal from hell, with a witch from HR and the worst boss in the world chiming in, and it’s all going to link up with the other events which form my main character Sebastian’s day from hell. In theory, this will expand the backstory and allow the reader get to know Sebastian before the shit really hits the fan. And then everything’ll be fine.

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