Today was looking like it was going to be the latest continuation of my bad luck. This afternoon I had another rejection from an agent, and needless to say, I was disappointed and starting to think that I was cursed. Following a quick email back and forth, though, the rejection inexplicably turned into an R&R (revise and resubmit), which is unusual to say the least. The upshot is that if I can sort out the problems with the novel’s opening, then there’s still a possibility that the agent concerned will represent me.

This has given me the impetus to rewrite the opening chapters of the novel again. To be honest, it’s been an inevitability since a theme started emerging in the rejections (basically: great premise, you can write, character motivation at the start doesn’t quite work), and I’d been waiting for this particular agent’s feedback before deciding what to do. So now I just have to sit down and bloody well nail it.

I’ll let you know how I get on. Major brainstorming ahead. I think I’m just one rewrite away from amaze, and I have a feeling that once I leap over this hurdle, the novel as a whole will really come together.

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