So, Ed Miliband won the Labour leadership election. I quite like him. However, attacking him is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel. He didn’t win the MPs’ vote. He didn’t win the party members’ vote. He only won because of his union support, and that’s a red rag to a bull for the coalition. “Red Ed” is his nickname, and it’s going to be the clear line of insult for a long while.

While the coalition arrange their huge spending cuts, the unions are going to oppose them, and their opposition is going to be portrayed as like being from a bygone era. Likely, Labour of the 1970s. And that’s Ed Miliband’s problem. Only finishing second in the popular vote is a major weakness. He has to make sure that he doesn’t seem in thrall to the unions, and the more he opposes the cuts, the more that charge is going to stick.

So it’s going to be a fine balancing act. I wish him luck, as I think he’s going to have a very difficult job to negotiate his way around the minefield that he’s partly constructed for himself. But he should be a strong leader, and he think he’ll do well.

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