Job Share (Part Five)

As I was visiting a client for much of the day and was faced with a couple of urgent jobs to do when I returned to the office, I only had the chance to finish off entering the nursing agency invoices on Sage. Didn’t even get to post them out. Neither did I amend the couple of invoices that I need to because I made a couple of boo-boos, which will involve issuing credit notes (for internal use only), then reinvoicing, then factoring both the credits and the new invoices… aaaargh!

But as I didn’t get to finish everything off this week and will therefore be left with more to do on Monday than would otherwise be the case, my planned entry for tonight – the grand finale to the week’s meanderings – is toast. Therefore, have the Top Errors Nurses Make With Timesheets instead:

1. Not putting their name. Maybe they don’t know it.

2. Not putting where they worked the shift. Do I look psychic?

3. Putting in the details of a hospital where they didn’t actually work that day, by mistake. Don’t worry, though, they love receiving erroneous invoices and are always happy to pay them in full without shouting at us.

4. Writing shift times in the 12 hour clock (ie. 7.30 to 9.30). Which is am? Which is pm? Who knows?

5. Adding up the hours they’ve worked wrongly, often leaving it unclear as to whether they had a break and just didn’t put it down, or whether the start or end time is incorrect, or whether they just can’t add up. Hmmm.

6. Saying that they worked in the year 2019. “This timesheet’s FROM THE FUTURE!”

7. Writing the shift details on the day of the week line that’s incorrect for the date concerned. For example, putting a shift for 24/09/10 on the Wednesday line. I usually cry at this point.

8. Leaving everything blank other than the shift date and times. Who are you? Where did you work? If I rub a lemon over the timesheet, will ink magically appear? Maybe it’ll work with blood – I have an axe ready just in case.

9. Writing numbers in a blotty, spidery scrawl that Shelob would struggle to translate.

10. Calling up to scream, “I HAVEN’T BEEN PAIIIIIIIIID!” Then finding your timesheets in your coat pocket, in an envelope that you intended to send us but forgot. And not apologising.

All of the above happen. And that’s why this weekend feels so good.

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