A Tough Time

Unfortunately my Grandpa was taken to hospital this morning, having suffered a suspected stroke this week and then becoming disorientated and distressed last night. I went to see him in Frenchay a few hours ago and he seems okay, if a bit confused about what’s happened, but I’m worried about him and what’s going to happen next, and so my mind’s a bit all over the place when it comes to writing something coherent for this One A Day.

My Grandpa’s had quite a life – professional footballer, war hero, family man – and so I hope and pray that he recovers well. He’s survived three heart attacks, major heart surgery and all sorts of illness, so he’s bloody tough, having reached the grand age of 91. While I was visiting him, there were times when I saw the old twinkle in his eye as he was talking. So while I’d be lying if I said the signs are good, he’s beaten the odds before and no one should bet against him doing the same again.

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  1. Jen

    😦 Hope he gets well soon

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