Halo There!

Just a short blog tonight, as I’m about to get stuck into Halo Reach, Microsoft’s big game for the autumn. I really like the Halo franchise despite always having my ass handed to me in multiplayer matches over Xbox Live, and this new entry appears to be the most comprehensive to date.

With a campaign mode that offers 4 player online co-op, the Firefight mode which promises to be the Halo equivalent of Gears of War’s awesome Horde gametype, a crazy number of Xbox Live matchmaking and custom game options, and the Forge, which allows the player to essentially create their own map variants and gametypes, developer Bungie has thrown everything but the kitchen sink into this game and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

Having played the first campaign level at lunchtime, it feels a lot like Halo CE, the very first game in the franchise, in terms of the wide-open levels, mass battles and number of different possible strategies for each encounter. This is officially a good thing. All very promising so far, then, and it’s certainly a bit of a looker. More soon, as I copy everyone else on the Internet by writing things about Reach.

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