See You At The Party, Richter!

Goodbye, house. It’s been nice knowing you.

I’m not moving or anything, though – it’s just that my little sister Fiona, who’s 15 years old, is having a party at my place tomorrow night. Over 20 of her friends are invited. And 6 of them are staying the night. It’s Fi’s bid for school superstardom, I reckon. What can possibly go wrong?

There are no boys allowed (well, they can come in as long as they leave their testicles at the door. And no, they won’t get them back), and no alcohol. But there will probably be lots and lots of screeching. Teenage girls are good at doing that when in a group together. Note to self: buy industrial-strength ear protectors.

I don’t entirely know what the girls are going to do after they get tired of running around excitedly for the first half an hour or so. I expect that the Wii will be set up in the lounge, and there will be movies running in the games room. And a gazebo is definitely going up in the back garden so that people can congregate there. Beyond that, though, who knows? The only thing for sure is that I will have earned many brownie points with my sister. And fortunately, she makes amazing chocolate brownies. So I’ll have many trays of them over the next few weeks, please.

As for my house, hopefully it will just about survive. I wonder if home insurance covers rabid groups of teenage girls. Despite the very real prospects of disaster, I’m actually quite looking forward to the party. It’ll be an experience. Let the Wii Bowling showdowns commence!

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One response to “See You At The Party, Richter!

  1. Jen

    Good luck! 😉

    On a serious note – lovely gesture 🙂 You must be an excellent brother!

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