Email Wasteland

Today my Gmail inbox resembled a post-apocalyptic wasteland. For the first time I can remember, I didn’t receive a single personal email in the whole of the day. All I had to look at were reminders of the human race’s earlier accomplishments in the field of email, that had survived the nuclear fallout.

Not having anything to reply to was an unusual experience, to say the least. It made me think a lot about how email breaks up the monotony of the working day. A missive from a friend always brings a smile to my face, and the silence today forced me to consider other methods to keep myself amused. My work-based emails became longer to compensate. Didn’t work. I made more cups of tea than usual. Didn’t work. I stuffed the whole of the big weekly payroll into envelopes to send out. That definitely didn’t work.

In short, today I learnt what it must be like not to have friends. And it’s a dark and very boring place. Hopefully normal service will be resumed tomorrow, or I might have to kill myself.

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