I had a good few hours’ sleep following the bleary-eyed 5am finish to my friend Keith’s stag do, but I’m still feeling absolutely knackered this evening. Despite this, I hammered on with the main thing that I resolved to achieve today, which was to get to the end of my TV pilot script, Jump!

Please note: “get to the end”, as opposed to “finish”. For even though I now have a full script in front of me, including the lovely final words “END OF EPISODE 1” (which were bloody nice to write), the ending I came up with is, in its current form, a big, bloated, overlong, way too talky mess. And I’m about twelve pages over from what would comfortably fit into an hour. Still, the rest of it up to this point has been well received by those who have read it, so hopefully I’ll be able to hammer the final pieces of the jigsaw into shape in due course. There’s much work still to do, though.

Last night as part of the stag do, we hired out part of The Watershed in Bristol as a private screening room. As well as watching Luc Besson’s crazy film Subway, we also saw something that my friends Keith and Rick put together a number of years ago called “A Night In With Jackson And Procter”. This took the form of an amusingly self-indulgent history of the duo’s fledgling film company, where past, present and future movie projects were discussed and analysed at length, with clips (and indeed, whole films) shown. It brought back cool memories of acting, filming, and the dreams we had at that time of becoming proper filmmakers.

Whenever I see anything that was made in our late teens with the barest of equipment – a far cry from today’s cheapie HD cameras and computer editing programs – I feel sharp pangs of nostalgia. I really want to do this kind of DIY filmmaking again. Maybe once Jump! has been locked and I’m motoring along with the new novel I’ve started, I should write something else in my off-hours that will allow me to do just that. Could be fun.

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